The Team

Flipped Bit at its core consists of highly skilled developers that not just specialize in their fields, but truly love all things cutting edge in the world of technology

Bobby Kim

Bobby is deeply interested in the field of ethical hacking, and cybersecurity. He also appreciates the idea of bringing people together with social media, and strives to produce safe online environments.

Brad Slayter
Co-Founder and CTO

Brad is an iOS developer turned Full Stack Engineer. When he's not writing innovative new applications for mobile or web he's digging deep into the hardware writing his own kernel from scratch.

Joseph Vargas

Joseph is a computer scientist with backgrounds in Security and Information Technology. He specializes in Python scripting and is constantly playing with new technologies to better service clients and pursue personal goals.

Scott McKeefer

Scott McKeefer is a software developer with interests in mixology, videogames, and vinyl records. Scott's most emotional moment is when he discovered he had been playing alongside other players the entirety of Journey by thatgamecompany. Other moments include nailing the perfect Dark and Stormy, enjoying the newest episode of Brooklyn 99, and releasing his first Android app alongside his fellow Flipped Bit bros.

Zac Adams
Co-Founder and CEO

A computer science graduate from the University of North Texas, Zac has dedicated his time developing Android and web applications to further the field of mobile technologies.